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The best programs to recover deleted photos from the phone in 2021

The best programs to recover deleted photos from the phone in 2021 

At the present time, all phones have a professional camera that provides high-quality images, which helps you take many photos that carry many memories, but the only threat facing the majority of phone users is that your important photos are unintentionally deleted, do not worry, there are many recovery programs Deleted photos from the phone, which is able to recover all your old photos in a few steps, whether you are the one who caused the deletion of these photos from the phone’s internal or external memory SD card after formatting, or even because you are unable to open them again as a result of damage to system files or exposure of the phone Virus infection or even as a result of phone screen damage, and when you download the deleted photo recovery program on your phone, it will literally do a great job in solving this dilemma.

There are many deleted photo recovery applications on the Google Play Store that we can use on the phone without a computer, but if for one reason or another you are unable to turn on the phone or access the user interface as a result of screen damage, for example, fortunately there are some programs that We can use it from the computer but since there are so many options, we decided to take it upon ourselves to find the best deleted phone photo recovery software for 2021 that is worth a try and that your chance of recovering your photos with it is 100% positive.

• For deleted files for Android, follow the list of the best programs to recover deleted files for Android, which can be downloaded for free through the Google Play Store.

• For deleted files for iPhone phones, follow the list of the best programs to recover deleted files for iPhone that work through Apple Mac devices.

The best programs to recover deleted photos from the phone

DiskDigger Photo Recovery

1. DiskDigger Photo Recovery

The most important thing that distinguishes the DiskDigger application is that it works very brilliantly in order to recover deleted photos and videos from your Android phone, whether your phone is rooted or without, the whole idea is that you have a better chance of recovering photos if your phone is rooted because the application provides you with a feature Deep scan then, but without root powers, you have no choice but a basic scan, but in both cases, you have a good chance of recovering the photos and videos that you deleted by mistake.

The application is free, very light, reliable and does not drain your hardware resources and you can use the phone normally while you depend on it and it allows you to keep all the photos you have restored on some of the most famous cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive so that you do not lose them again, unfortunately you will not be able to restore any Another type of file, but for the main function, which is image recovery, it is more than enough to do the job perfectly.

DiskDigger Photo Recovery Features

Able to retrieve photos and videos from the phone's internal and external memory as well.

It works on all phones that have been rooted or normal.

It works best in restoring rooted devices.

Allows you to upload the recovered image to cloud storage services.

You can save the recovered images on the same device without having to save them on another device.

AlpacaSoft Image Restore App

2. AlpacaSoft Restore Image App

Another great application that works perfectly, whether your phone is rooted or without, the Restore Images application was developed in order to recover deleted photos from your Android phone or tablet, and the application is very professional as it gives you the ability to customize the search process and specify the folders that You just want to search inside it in order to get results faster and in less time periods, the app is completely free and all the features are available for free but you can definitely upgrade to the paid version in order to support the developers and get rid of ads.

The application is very simple and its size is very light and you can deal normally on the phone during the scanning process, but although we do not recommend this to get better results, it does not require creating an account or data for cloud storage services and is very easy to use.

Features of AlpacaSoft Restore Image Application:

It provides you with manually selecting folders in which you expect images to be present and deleted with a custom scan.

It provides you with all the features of the program for free without restrictions.

It works on internal system ROMs and external SD memory.

The program works without the need for rooting.

Easy to use, anyone can use it easily.

Tasty Photo Recovery App

3. Tasty Photo Recovery App

This application is a great example of recovering deleted photos from your Android phone memory, it is worth noting that it works normally and you will be able to take advantage of all its features whether you root your phone or not, do not let the negative reviews on the Google Play Store affect your decision or prevent you From its experience, this app is absolutely free and your chance of getting back the necessary photos or even videos you kept is very high.

The application is very light and does not require a large amount of phone memory and does not drain the hardware resources like other applications, which means that you can use it on old and weak Android phones very easily, the best thing about the application is the ability to preview images during the recovery process and the ability to transfer the recovered images to a safe place.

Features of the application Tasty Photo Recovery

This application provides two different ways to be able to recover photos.

Distinguished system in terms of transferring files and downloading them to your phone at high speed.

Its file display system is good while displaying images for retrieval, ensuring that you can find your images faster.

4. DigDeep Image Recovery

The only thing that caught our attention for the DigDeep application is the number of positive reviews it has received on the Google Play Store, as all users confirm its true ability to retrieve deleted photos, whether from the internal phone memory or the external memory card. The application has a very easy and uncomplicated user interface, which means That anyone can use it even if they are not familiar with the operating system of advanced software and tools.

However, it does not require rooting the phone and is very light and you will not even feel its presence while you are using the phone and most importantly it is very fast and is able to recover many formats of images including JPEG, JPG and PNG. It is normal for the application to display some of the photos that are currently on the phone, so it requires you to search all the photos in order to get the deleted photos from among them.

Features of DigDeep Image Recovery App:

It works without the need to root your phone.

The retrieval system works on the internal and external memory of your phone.

Support image formats like jpg, jpeg, png, etc.

Powerful and effective recovery system.

The program interface is simple and a gift that enables all users to use it.

UniQ photo recovery app

5. UniQ Photo Recovery App

Another professional application that has received a huge number of positive reviews on the Google Play Store and is not only able to recover deleted photos, but also has the ability to recover deleted text messages and contacts as well. In fact, the application gets permanent and continuous support from the developers, but unfortunately the photo recovery system does not It gets the same amount of support for the SMS and WhatsApp messages recovery feature, but until we give everyone his right, he actually does a great job in recovering deleted photos and keeps them automatically on the phone memory, and you can also preview and view them from within the application.

Features of UniQ photo recovery app:

Easy to use and very fast in retrieval.

Able to recover photos along with deleted messages and contacts.

The program works without the need for root.

Provides a privacy system by protecting the application with a password or pattern when opening the program.

Workshop Deleted Photo Recovery

6. Workshop Deleted Photo Recovery

This application is not only able to recover deleted photos, but is also able to recover videos. The application is very simple and easy to use and has high positive ratings in its ability to recover deleted photos, but do not try to purchase the application unless you are sure that it is already able to restore your deleted photos, among the features The application is that you are able to use it for free and does not force you to root the phone and is able to search for deleted photos, whether on the internal phone memory or the external memory card, the application works great on all old and new Android phones and supports many formats of image and video file types.

Features of Workshop Deleted Photo Recovery App:

Super system in terms of recovering deleted photos.

Able to recover deleted photos from internal and external storage units.

Get a preview of the images before retrieval.

The ability to save images to both memories with one click.

Supports the following image formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, JPG, TIFF, and many other formats.

According to experts, the recovery rate was 92%.

Dumpster Restore Deleted Photos

7. Dumpster Restore Deleted Photos

This application is a comprehensive encyclopedia of tools capable of recovering photos, videos, and applications that you have recently deleted. By closing the application with a password so that no intruder does not tamper with it and without the need to root the phone, and the best thing about the application is that it is easy to use and very fast, and you can use the phone very simply during the process of recovering the recycle and through several simple clicks you will be able to restore all your deleted photos in the blink of an eye.

Features of Dumpster Restore Deleted Photos App

It does not require rooting your phone.

It includes a cloud storage program to save your photos.

It makes a backup copy of the photos and files that have been deleted in any way on your phone.

Able to recover photos.

HD-Team Photo Recovery

8. HD-Team Photo Recovery

Photo Recovery application is another professional Android application that is able to recover photos and gives you the ability to preview them during recovery and choose the files and photos you want to recover individually. The application is very fast and easy to use and is able to recover deleted files from the internal phone memory or external memory card and does not require an Internet connection You will not need to root the phone, you can also choose a special folder to keep the images that will be restored inside and above all, the application is completely free and has an intuitive interface that is easy for any user to deal with.

Features of HD-Team Photo Recovery

Allows you to select specific folders to recover all photos from.

View all the details of the recovered images.

Able to permanently delete photos through this program as well.

It works without root and without the need for an internet connection.

Smin photo recovery app

9. Smin Photo Recovery App

This is the ninth application in this list that you can use on your Android phone very easily in order to recover all your deleted photos in just a few clicks. The application is very simple and easy to use and provides a very intuitive graphical interface that makes it easy to


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